Cœur Bouliki

Coeur Bouliki Martinique

Réserve Biologique Intégrale and Forêt Domaniale des Pitons du Carbet. Inaugurated in 1983, this is a haven of peace…a beautiful river trip.(Saint-Joseph)

LA FAVORITE Distillery

This Independent family distillery. Founded in 1842, it produces a variety of rums, all with the AOC appellation, and follows an eco-responsible approach.(Fort de France)


Jardin de balata Fort-de-France

This collector’s garden, created in 1986, is home to several hundred species of flora and fauna, each more remarkable than the last. With breathtaking views.(Fort de France)

Eglise Sacré-Coeur de Balata

Eglise du Sacre Cœur de Balata

Nicknamed “the little Montmartre”, this 1925 lava-stone building is in the same architectural style as the famous Sacré-Coeur church in Montmartre, Paris.(Fort de France)

Le Palm

Not far from the Dillon distillery, this bistronomic restaurant is located in a green setting in the heart of the city. Discover Creole flavors with the refinement of modern cuisine.(Fort de France)

L’Anse Madame

Small family beach with numerous restaurants and a yacht club.

Fontaine Didier

Fontaine Didier Martinique

Discover magnificent waterfalls “just a few steps” from Fort de France.(Fort de France)

Habitation Belfort

Take a mini-train tour and discover the world of the banana, the emblematic fruit of Martinican agriculture.

Fort Saint Louis

Fort Saint-Louis Fort de France

Vauban-style military fort, naval base of the French Navy in the West Indies and witness to the history of the island and Fort de France.(Fort de France)