Islet Tombolo Martinique

A small islet accessible by a sandbar from November to April, like Mont Saint-Michel!(Sainte-Marie)


Habitation lasalle A former 17th-century sugar refinery.

A former 17th-century sugar refinery built of volcanic stone, dedicated to the distillation of sugar cane into tafia (the ancestor of rum).(Sainte-Marie)

Musée de La Banane

To find out everything you need to know about this delicious fruit, visit the Musée de la Banane to discover all the stages, from planting and harvesting to tasting.(Sainte-Marie)

Le point de Vue

Le point de vue restaurant Martinique

Restaurant renowned for its location overlooking the sea and for its generous Creole cuisine. (Sainte-Marie)

Domaine Fond Saint Jacques

Domaine de Fonds Saint-Jacques Martinique

The Domaine de Fonds Saint-Jacques is a former 17th-century Habitation-sucrerie created by the Dominicans, located in the commune of Sainte-Marie. Operated until the 12th century by Pere Labat. Discover the chapel, house and building, monastery, ruins and remains, archaeological site.


Delicious dining in front of a surprising view of the sea at the foot of the Tombolo. Martinique’s little Mont Saint Michel.