Scuba diving

Discover Saint-Pierre’s shipwrecks and marine life (Saint-Pierre)

Seine lift

Seine lift Martinique

At the end of the day, come and watch a typical and colorful seine lift, an ancient net-fishing technique used to catch our famous balaous! (Case-Pilote)

Domaine d’Emeraude

Regional National Park. Travel to the heart of the island’s biodiversity with its endemic species. For all ages.(Le Morne Rouge)

Distillerie Neisson

Rhum Neisson is located in the commune of Le Carbet and is the first rum to be awarded the AOC Martinique label. 20 hectares of sugar cane for an organic rum in several exceptional categories, with sweet notes of honey and coconut.

Le Petibonum

Enjoy the famous crayfish fricassee with your feet in the sand.Or have a drink a la sun goes down! +596 596 78 04 34(Le Carbet)


Glacier, 15 place Jules Grévy.Call before you go! +596 696 78 49 40(Le Carbet)

Musée Gauguin

Discover Martinique through the paintings of Gauguin, a great lover of our island. Anse Turin Quartier Beauregard 97221 Le Carbet – 06 96 80 80 96(Le Carbet)


Habitation Depaz Martinique

One of Martinique’s oldest Habitations dating back to 1651, and its excellent Depaz rum.(Saint-Pierre)


Habitation Céron

“Jardin Remarquable” garden featuring the Zamana, recognized as France’s most beautiful tree in 2016. 350 years old, it shelters an area of 5000m² from the sun.(Le Prêcheur)