Morne Larcher

Morne Larcher Martinique

an ascent with a breathtaking view of Le Diamant rock and its village, a must-see hike. (Le Diamant)

La Taupinière

Taupinière mangrove rose Martinique

A lovely stroll along the coastline with a breathtaking view of the Diamant rock. At certain times of the year, MANGROVE ROSE, you’ll begin your stroll at a picturesque little port.( Le Diamant)

Plage du diamant

One of Martinique's longest and most beautiful beaches.

One of Martinique’s longest and most beautiful beaches, a real jewel to behold with its famous rock in the background, and to be explored in the freshness of the foam.Beware: dangerous, unsupervised swimming! (Le Diamant)