Distillerie Neisson

Rhum Neisson is located in the commune of Le Carbet and is the first rum to be awarded the AOC Martinique label. 20 hectares of sugar cane for an organic rum in several exceptional categories, with sweet notes of honey and coconut.


Habitation Depaz Martinique

One of Martinique’s oldest Habitations dating back to 1651, and its excellent Depaz rum.(Saint-Pierre)


The HARDY family has preserved this distillery for two centuries, and continues to produce the famous Rhum Hardy….(Tartane)


Distillery rhum jm

Named in 1845, this rum is above all a story of men and family. Come and discover this superb distillery and its Bellevue home.(Macouba)

LA FAVORITE Distillery

This Independent family distillery. Founded in 1842, it produces a variety of rums, all with the AOC appellation, and follows an eco-responsible approach.(Fort de France)

Habitation et Distillerie Clément


Come and discover this Martinique heritage site, home to a contemporary art foundation and a rum-making and aging industry. A masterpiece of Creole and modern architecture. You’ll be seduced. Residence of the Clément family from 1887 to 1986, with the distillery founded in 1917. Designated a ‘monument historique’ in 1996. A Franco-American summit brought together […]


Founded in 1849, this Galion estate has been awarded the AOC label. Discover its wine and spirits store and other rum-based dishes.(La Trinité)

Rhumerie et habitation HSE

Discover one of the finest brands of AOC Martinique agricultural rum. rum. A unique terroir, sugarcane varieties selected for quality and rum varieties that have lasted for 150 years.

Fond Rousseau

Dating back to the 17th century, this former distillery has been perfectly rebuilt and restored. A rare heritage site, it is both a pre-Columbian site and a major sugarcane cultivation and processing center.