LA FAVORITE Distillery

This Independent family distillery. Founded in 1842, it produces a variety of rums, all with the AOC appellation, and follows an eco-responsible approach.(Fort de France)


Jardin de balata Fort-de-France

This collector’s garden, created in 1986, is home to several hundred species of flora and fauna, each more remarkable than the last. With breathtaking views.(Fort de France)

Eglise Sacré-Coeur de Balata

Eglise du Sacre Cœur de Balata

Nicknamed “the little Montmartre”, this 1925 lava-stone building is in the same architectural style as the famous Sacré-Coeur church in Montmartre, Paris.(Fort de France)

Le Palm

Not far from the Dillon distillery, this bistronomic restaurant is located in a green setting in the heart of the city. Discover Creole flavors with the refinement of modern cuisine.(Fort de France)

L’Anse Madame

Small family beach with numerous restaurants and a yacht club.

Fontaine Didier

Fontaine Didier Martinique

Discover magnificent waterfalls “just a few steps” from Fort de France.(Fort de France)

Fort Saint Louis

Fort Saint-Louis Fort de France

Vauban-style military fort, naval base of the French Navy in the West Indies and witness to the history of the island and Fort de France.(Fort de France)

Fond Rousseau

Dating back to the 17th century, this former distillery has been perfectly rebuilt and restored. A rare heritage site, it is both a pre-Columbian site and a major sugarcane cultivation and processing center.

The Jesuit Trail

Jesuit Trail Martinique

Superb hike in the shade of the tropical forest.(Fort de France)